19 January - 1 February 2015
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Ana Ivanovic
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Q.  What happened out there?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Well, she played really well, especially in that third set.  It was a very tough match.

I felt, you know, I was emotionally a little bit flat.  I was lacking a little bit aggressiveness that I had in my previous matches.

But she's tough opponent and she's been playing really well.


Q.  Do you think you had a bit of a letdown after the Serena match?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, you know, it's very hard because, you know, when I came into tournament, I saw my draw.  It was quite tough.  I had to battle through my matches.

Also I had few very emotional wins, so today I really felt I was a little bit flat.  Like I said, you know.  But, you know, it's just another learning experience.  Obviously I'm very disappointed to lose in this manner.

Even though despite the fact I didn't play my best, today I felt I still had chances.  I didn't quite use them well, wasn't aggressive enough, had way too many errors.

But it's something to learn from and move on.


Q.  Do you have an injury?
ANA IVANOVIC:  I mean, I was battling with my right leg since the beginning of the tournament.  Then the left one came on today.

Despite all that, I was still on court.  I was doing my best.  Today she was the better player.


Q.  Was there something specific in Eugenie's game?
ANA IVANOVIC:  She's young girl.  I think she has very bright future in front of her.  She's very aggressive player.  It's sometimes very hard to read her game.  There is no really patterns like with other players you have.  She's a great mover.

Like I said, she came out really aggressive in the third set.


Q.  You've been through what she's going through now.  What type of advice would you give her on how to deal with it?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Well, it's hard because it also depends on the personality.  Some people love the fame.  They love it.  They embrace it in different ways.

For me, I was kind of shy about it.  But, you know, I think it's just most important to stick with her team and just keep doing the same things and believing in herself.


Q.  Do you have any thoughts of playing Fed Cup?  You would have an opportunity for a rematch in a city that's been great to you and not so great to you.
ANA IVANOVIC:  It's a very tough match for us, I feel like.  I still haven't made my decision.

But with the schedule, it's going to be very hard.


Q.  So probably not?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Well, it really depends.  It really depends.  Also I have to rethink my schedule a little bit now, have a chat with my coaches and make a plan.


Q.  Obviously today is disappointing.  How big has that tournament been for you in terms of where your career is at the moment?
ANA IVANOVIC:  I mean, if the beginning of the summer someone told me this would be the outcome of it, I would agree to it.  I had some really good wins, some very emotional wins, and a lot of positive things came out of it.

Obviously it's very disappointing the way it ended.  Yeah, on a positive note I feel like I played, you know, maybe the best tennis of my life.  Just want to keep my head up and keep working hard, improve on the mistakes I made.


Q.  You're getting close to the top 10.  How much is getting back there a specific goal for you?
ANA IVANOVIC:  It would be amazing to get back to top 10.  That would be something I really want to push hard towards.

But, you know, like I said, it's about working hard and being consistent, you know, showing the game I've been showing over and over again.  And I felt very, very proud and happy about the way I was playing, you know, in Auckland and also here.

You know, I see very bright year.


Q.  Do you feel something from her on the other side of the net, like she's tough, she's not afraid?  Do you feel that when you're playing her?
ANA IVANOVIC:  I felt in the beginning of the match we were both very nervous.  But in the third set she really was strong and played well, played well big points.  She was aggressive.  She was, you know, pushing me back, instead of me stepping in.  That's where I sort of felt the match was turning.

But, yeah, she's definitely brave.  She's young.  She has nothing to lose.  Like I said, I think she's a very great player with a bright future.


Q.  In the first set you were, C'mon'ing after every point.  Were you trying to pump yourself up?
ANA IVANOVIC:  It's something I do very often.  But I was trying to get myself little bit, you know, pumped up because I felt I was a little bit flat from beginning on.  I was flat footed a lot.  It was just something I tried to get a little bit more adrenaline and everything.

But, you know, today she was the better player.


Q.  Did you get a chance to talk to Novak at all after your win over Serena?  If so, what did you say?
ANA IVANOVIC:  No, unfortunately I didn't.  He played after.  We didn't see each other since.

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