19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
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Q.  What went wrong?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  I had a good opponent today.  I didn't enter enough good, you know, in my match.  Then everything was going quick.  He was playing unbelievable.

And, yeah, myself was not enough good to destabilize him.  And that's it.


Q.  Did you feel like you were in the match at any point?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  I mean, in the second set, you know, it was pretty close.  If I go to a tiebreak, you know, it can change.  In the third set, you know, maybe if I did, you know, this breakpoint, maybe it can change.

But the results is he's here, and today it's three sets and that's it.  I mean, he played a good match.  I have nothing more to say.


Q.  At one point you hit a ball out of the stadium.  Did that help relieve your frustration a little bit?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yeah, of course.  You know, sometimes you keep it for you, and then it's going bigger and worse and worse and worse.  You need to deliver.  Yeah, for me it's important free myself.

So for me it was important.  I was close to come back in the match, but unfortunately he was too good.


Q.  Were you surprised how well Roger played?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  No, I was not surprised because, you know, when you play Roger, you expect him at this level.  You know he's able to play like this, so you always expect it.

But today was great.  That's it.  I was not enough good, you know, to give him a good opposition, and that's it.


Q.  Did you feel your serve did not work out well, or was it just Roger to return well?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  I played good tennis, but maybe I didn't serve enough good.  But that's it.  Everything in my game, you know, was there.  I was pretty strong on my baseline.

But he took the ball very early today, and he was always taking my time.  I don't know how to say that.  Because he took so ball so early, I don't have time to, you know, play my game.  And that's it.


Q.  Moving forward, do you look forward to Davis Cup?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  For the moment I will go back home, try to enjoy people around me, and that's it.  Then I will look forward to the Davis Cup, who is going to be on clay court.

So I have to prepare this match seriously.


Q.  How confidence sapping is a night like tonight?  Does it take the confidence away from you?
JO WILFRIED TSONGA:  Not really.  Not really because I start a new campaign with my new coach.  I did lot of improvement these last couple of weeks.

So, you know, I'm still confident.  I will continue to work hard and believe in me to try to achieve one of my dream.

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Monday, 22 December 2014
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