19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Tommy Robredo
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Q.  In the third set, you began stronger.  Stan's coach thought you were controlling more the points.  Is that how you felt?
TOMMY ROBREDO:  Well, the second and the third were 7 6.  When they're both 7 6, you have more chances than in the first set that was 6 3, no?

But anyway, I think that maybe in the third, it was the closest one because I was 15 40 in the 5 4, if I remember well, or 6 5 for me, or 5 All, and it could be 6 5 to me.  It would be a break.

But important for the set.  Also breaker I was 4 2.  But anyway, Stan, he did a great job.  He played better than me.  He deserved to win today.  Nothing to say.


Q.  Seems like you're still playing your best tennis.  You must feel confident you can have a great year starting the year well.
TOMMY ROBREDO:  Thank you, but I don't know.  That's why we are here, no?  We're here to try to fight, to try to win as many matches as possible.

I wasn't arriving here in the best moment.  I couldn't practice that hard, that much.  I won three matches.  The fourth match I lost against a player who's playing great in three sets.  But two of that sets very close.

Nothing to say.  Just have to congratulate him and keep focused on next week for me.  The important thing is at the end of the year to see if I'm capable to be in the top rankings again, it will be my dream, no?

For the moment, I think it has been a pretty good start of the year.  Hopefully we can be strong enough to play as many tournaments as possible and finish good.


Q.  What are some of the positives you take out of this tournament?
TOMMY ROBREDO:  Well, positive and negatives.  But that's the life of a sport athlete, no?  Obviously, even if you win the tournament, there will be some things to keep improving because everyone is improving day to day.  You need to keep being better and better if you want to be at the same level, no?

Obviously, I think I did pretty good things and some things that I think I need to improve.  At the end I think it has been a great week for me.  Obviously, as I said, no, I wasn't arriving here in my best moment, without playing tournaments before.  Before to come here if somebody would tell me I would be in fourth round, I would sign it for sure.

You have to be logical, be focused for the next tournament.  Let's fly back to Spain as soon as possible and get ready for the clay season.  I'm going to be Viña del Mar, Buenos Aires and Rio, will try to fight there as we were fighting there.  We'll see.


Q.  You came in 6 1 over him.  In a way are you disappointed because it was so close?
TOMMY ROBREDO:  Well, now it's 6 2.  That's sport, no?  Statistics are there, but as I said the day before, they will not make me win even if I am 6 1, 6 0, 10 0.

The thing is in a game like tennis, if the one is better than the other one day, he's going to win.

I think today he was better than me.  He was more effective.  He was hitting very, very hard.  I was not in control of the game in the entire match.  So nothing to say.


Q.  You're popular in Brazil.  You mentioned Buenos Aires.  Are you coming back to Brazil?
TOMMY ROBREDO:  Yeah, I'm going to Rio tournament.

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