19 January - 1 February 2015
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Q.  I suppose after your third round win where you saved a match point and you came back today, is there ever a feeling that you kind of have a second life or another chance after getting through such a close game and to move forward?
NA LI:  Of course.  I mean, after have the tough match or tough time.  Because I think yesterday also I do a lot for practice, you know, because I really make Carlos sad when two days ago for the match.

Yeah, normally every match we will talk after the match, but you can look the face.  Really unhappy.  Even yesterday I know if I didn't do something for sure he was so pissed.

So, yeah, I try a lot yesterday and also today match.  But at least today I think make him a little bit happier.  Feel much better.


Q.  You seemed very relaxed on the court.  Did you feel relaxed and calm today just to swing freely?
NA LI:  I mean, this is only I can do on the court.  If I get nervous or if I get tired, maybe even thinking too much I forget what I should do on the court.

Also, I think before I think too much how is opponent do something, but I forgot most important thing is what I should do on the court.


Q.  Will you forget also the way you played versus Pennetta when you played her?  You remember the way you have to play against her?
NA LI:  I think we have at least two years we didn't play, so, yeah, you know, the time can change everything.

But at least, you know, she's one day older than me, so I don't have to play youngest player.


Q.  She thought to be one day younger than you.
NA LI:  No.  She's one day older than me.  Yes, I'm sure.  100% (smiling).  Yeah.


Q.  You know that you played with her three times, and always in Australia.  It's a coincidence.
NA LI:  So just continue.  We play fourth time here again.


Q.  Yeah.
NA LI:  Yeah, for sure, it's tough match, because I think before she has injury.  I think start US Open she played really well, and also here.  In tennis match, never is easy match, especially in Grand Slam.


Q.  Do you see her sometimes outside?  Do you talk?  Since you are same age, a long time together more or less, do you have the sort of friend relationship, or you just say good morning and good evening to Pennetta?
NA LI:  Even more.  Hi.  Of course we are talk a lot.  Yeah, because it's very, how you say, it's very tough to stay in the tour like over ten years.  Like if you see the same player you feel more friendly.  Now even younger player coming more and more.


Q.  So do you have any story to tell between and you Pennetta, something you exchange words or say something funny or, I don't know, jokes or anything that comes up to your mind?
NA LI:  No.  Until now I cannot remember.


Q.  Are you conscious of what's going on on Rod Laver Arena at the moment with Serena?  Have you been watching?
NA LI:  I just watch    I think I watch like second set, like couple games.  I finished cooldown and back to the locker room.  And after, I didn't saw the match.

But I know now she was down?


Q.  I think it's 5 2 in the third set.
NA LI:  Okay.


Q.  No comment?  You're not concentrating on that?
NA LI:  No, because they are not my next opponent.

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