19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Ana Ivanovic
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Q.  For the matches you played so far this year, was that the most satisfying victory for you?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, it was one of.  I mean, the final against Venus was another very special one for me.  I thought was great quality match today.  Just really happy after losing the first set to still stay composed and play some good tennis and win.


Q.  You're always animated.  You seemed to be excited with the things you were doing tonight.
ANA IVANOVIC:  I think at the end of the match I made the longest scream ever.

It was very exciting match I think for everyone.  It was such a high level of tennis from the first moment on.  The crowd was really into it.  I got into it, too, and I enjoyed it.


Q.  Did that make it feel a bit like a final, playing Sam at her home Grand Slam on center court?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Actually, I didn't think about the occasion.  I just really enjoyed it.  I was playing, you know, my game.  They were singing.

But, you know, I think it was all in a good manner and I think they were still very well behaved and supportive.  So I just enjoyed the whole experience.


Q.  We've heard you say you enjoy different experiences, different matches.  It really looked tonight you actually were.  You were smiling on court.  Is that a reflection of where you are mentally?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, definitely.  I'm really happy with the way things are going, just with my team I really have good relationship and good time, you know.  I feel I worked so hard and I know what I'm doing on the court.  So that definitely helps me relax.  Just more embrace the moment.


Q.  Your next match is going to be a fair test for you.
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, definitely.  I mean, Serena is on top of the game for so long now.  You know, she's someone we admire actually.  It's going to be very tough task.

But I look forward to that challenge.  I've been playing some good tennis all summer.  It's going to be nice test to see where I'm at.


Q.  You often say everything is a process, that the last few years have been a process.  What part of the process did this match play?
ANA IVANOVIC:  I think you learn, and you learn about yourself through each experience you have.  Over past few years I did learn a lot.  Like I was talking the other day, I made some choices and some mistakes that were not necessarily my decision.  Now I really realize that it's about me and it's about my career.

I'm more forward in my opinions and the decisions I have to take.  You know, I really now am confident more about those decisions, and also the way everything is.  I can be more mature player on the court.


Q.  For many young Serbians here in Australia, they are starting their tennis career, you're a role model.  What do you think about that?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, I mean, it's a great honor for me to be a role model for any kid.  I start playing tennis because of Monica Seles.  I always try to encourage kids to play tennis or any other sport for that matter.  I think it's very important in today's world just to stay active and follow their dream and their passion because many people will try to influence them, maybe force them to play, or forbid them to play.

I think it's just important they follow their own instincts, what they love.  That's what matters at the end of the day.


Q.  Is it the hard part?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Definitely.  There is no easy part in anything you do.  Every job you take, every challenge you take, it's always hard.  But it's worth it.  All the hard work just in matches and moments like this, it pays off.


Q.  What is the most important thing for you when you take the court against Serena?
ANA IVANOVIC:  I mean, many things are going to be very important.  She's obviously a great server.  For me, it's going to be very important to hang in her service games and try to make her play, you know, and make more returns.  Then again on my service game, to try and stay composed, you know, and serve well, yet be aggressive.

So it's going to be finding the balance between being aggressive enough but yet not rushing.


Q.  Will it be good to get back on Rod Laver Arena?  Do you enjoy it?
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, I do.  I have some great memories.  It's always nice.  Like I said today the atmosphere was great.  I really look forward to that match.


Q.  At the end you did two great lob shots.
ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, I mean, it's not the shot I make very often.  In my previous match and today also I made some very important lobs in important moments.  I might start using it a bit more.

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