19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Eugenie Bouchard
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Q.  A hot day, you're playing a roadrunner.  Are you happy with your performance?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, it was definitely hot today, the hottest I felt in any of my matches so far.  I was happy to win in straight sets.

I thought I played well, tried to be aggressive, really tried to control the point.  Made for quick points, as well.


Q.  Is that a concern when you play a player like that, she runs down everything?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  She's a good player.  I wasn't worried or concerned about anything.  I really just wanted to play my game.  I felt I did.  I knew I could dominate the way I did if I played the right way.

Even my serve was working well today, as well.


Q.  Fourth round in a Grand Slam.  Very happy milestone for you?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, for sure.  But I always want to do better.  I think it's just a step in the process.  I'm trying to always improve on the court.  I think I played better today on the court.  That's what I'm most happy about.


Q.  You're the former junior girl's Wimbledon champion.  Do you like the hard courts?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, I like the hard courts.  I like the courts here at the Open.  I played juniors here four times, made semis twice.  I've always liked the courts.  I like the color.  I've always played well here, I think.


Q.  What do you think it's going to be like coming up against an Australian at the Australian Open?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Interesting for sure.  We'll see in my Genie Army stays at my side.

She's a tough opponent and she's a lefty.  That's always tricky, always different.  I'll be looking forward to a good battle on Sunday.


Q.  Are you ready to be public enemy number one?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah (smiling).


Q.  The Genie Army are pretty vocal.  Have they followed you or is this something new at the Australian Open?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Yeah, no, it's the first time I've seen them.  They're from here.  They just come out to support me.  I love them.  Their songs are like getting stuck in my head because they're singing them so much.

It's fun to have that extra support and it's motivating.


Q.  Do you think they might be a little bit less vocal against the Australian?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I don't know.  We'll see.  I'm sure some will still be supporting me.

Of course, I'm playing an Australian in Australia.  Regardless, there's going to be a really good atmosphere on the court no matter what.


Q.  What was the gift today?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  This little kangaroo with a cute baby kangaroo with another baby kangaroo in its pouch.  Just collecting Australian stuffed animals.  Next time I'm expecting a bigger one.


Q.  What is the X factor about tennis?  Why do you love the game so much?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I started when I was five.  I just love the feeling of hitting the ball.  I love being on the court and playing and competition.  I'm competitive in everything I do, everything from tennis to board games.

Just going out there and trying to win is what I love.


Q.  What is your goal as a tennis player?  What is your favorite shot in your game?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  My favorite shot is my serve.  When I'm feeling good with it, I can really control the point, try to be aggressive with it.  So I just want to keep improving that and keep improving my game, which is really trying to be aggressive.


Q.  Casey was asked about the rigors of the tour.  You seem to thrive on the actual pressure.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  Thrive on what?


Q.  The pressure of playing week in, week out, the rigors of it all.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  It is tough.  Last year was my first full year on the tour.  I saw how different it was from the juniors.  Definitely on a professional level, the mental aspect is tough.  Week in, week out you have to play tough players even from the first round.

But I love it.  I mean, I'm happy I can call this my job.  I love playing tennis.  I find it fun.  When there's pressure, I think it just makes it more interesting.


Q.  Last year was obviously a massive breakthrough for you.  Have you set yourself any targets for 2014 ranking wise?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  I have a number always in the back of my head, but I always just try to, you know, say that I'm trying to improve and trying to get better.  I think I've worked hard in the off season.  I really want to go deeper in draws.

It's my second time around now doing the full tour.  I kind of know how it is, know what to expect.  So I think I can keep improving and get better.

But my ultimate goal is to win a Grand Slam.  I'm always just working to try to achieve that.


Q.  What is the thought process behind the clothes you're wearing for this tournament, the style?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:  The clothing?  It's very fashion y.  I don't think you'd understand it.  It's high waisted.  I tuck in the top.  Just a different look.

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