19 January - 1 February 2015
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Na Li
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Q.  What did you do to recover from the heat over the last couple hours? 

LI NA:  I was take the like hot/cold shower, like three to five times, and drink enough.  Have to eat.  Otherwise I think it's very tough to recover.  

Q.  For all accounts, I guess you probably should have lost that game today.  How does it feel to come through it with a good win? 

LI NA:  I think the five centimeters save my tournament.  If she hit in, I think, Whole team on the way to the airport (smiling).  

Yeah, I mean, at least I win the match, so still in the tournament.  I was really happy the way is fight on the court from first point until the last point.  


Q.  Carlos pointed to his head during the third set.  Is it hard to think in that heat? 

LI NA:  It's like, how you say, more believe myself I can do well because tough conditions, tough opponent.  Like, you know, women's tennis sometimes is crazy, the tour, because I was sometimes thinking too much.  

So I was like, Okay, just focus here to see what happen.  


Q.  Was it different adjusting from your first two opponents who were obviously younger to someone like Safarova who's lot more experienced? 

LI NA:  Yeah, totally different because she's a lefty.  Also the serve also is different.  

Every time I was play Lucie, always tough, because she was pretty good hitter also.  So, yeah, we have to see who is more stronger on the court today.  

Q.  How do you actually feel physically after that match? 

LI NA:  Feeling good.  At least I'm not cramping, okay (smiling)?  

Yeah, when I was on the court, I was feeling was okay.  But maybe because the match is finish, everything was like relax.  I was feeling maybe a little bit tired.  


Q.  Do you think it was safe to have the matches today in the heat, considering yesterday there was a suspension of play, same temperature? 

LI NA:  After second set, lucky thing is we have 10minute break.  I think that save a little bit energy.  Otherwise, if we continue, is more mentally game on the court.  

Especially today end of the second set I was feeling like real, real tired, yeah.  


Q.  She was playing well the first set, going for everything.  She saw it in the tiebreaker you raised your level.  Is that how you feel about it?  

LI NA:  I really didn't think about much different start of first point until the tiebreak.  Because, you know, you cannot play good tennis every day.  So I was try to do the best.  

That mean I can hit very good on the court.  If I can't hit very good, otherwise I only can run or I only can fight every point to try to stay more longer.  This only I can do on the court.  


Q.  You had a bunch of unforced errors in the first set.  Your forehand was all over the place.  

LI NA:  Yeah.  

Q.  Do you think to yourself, I'm going to stick to my game plan, or do you change your game plan around? 

LI NA:  Of course, after I lose the first set, is pretty easy, fast.  I was thinking about, Okay, if you continue like this, go home.  Otherwise, I mean, is no other choice.  

So I have to change something on the court very quickly because, you know, the opponent didn't give you much time you can cover there.  Like I say before, only I can do is play ball back to the court, run whole court to see if I can get a chance.  


Q.  Day after day, has this been the toughest conditions you've had to play and practice in? 

LI NA:  Yeah.  


Q.  Could you explain.  Is this the most difficult conditions? 

LI NA:  Yeah.  Lucky thing is today is the last warm day, so we are happy.  I think now only myself, everyone will be happy.  Start tomorrow is a little bit cooldown.  At least I'm still in the tournament so I can enjoy the cool day.  


Q.  Do you think the roof should have been closed from the beginning of your match, to play indoors today?  

LI NA:  When I come to the court, yeah, I was think about that.  

But, you know, is for both players the same.  We know when we come to the court is not over 40.  So is no chance close the roof, yeah.  


Q.  You said the five centimeters may have been the luck you needed to win that match.  Last year you had some bad luck here in the final.  Do you think something like that makes you think your luck is better around here? 

LI NA:  Until now, yes.  I would like to say no, but I have to say yes.  Otherwise, if she hit in is another story.  


Q.  Moving forward, are there parts of your game that you weren't happy with, that you'll go back to the practice court and work some more on? 

LI NA:  Yeah, of course.  I mean, you know, I like to play Grand Slam, because after match, at least we have one day off so you can prepare for what you do from last match.  You have more time to, how you say, talk to the team to change little bit and prepare for the next match also. 


Q.  Are there any particular things you'll work on specifically tomorrow? 

LI NA:  Hey, look, I just finish the match.  I really want to enjoy the day now.  I don't really want to think what I should practice for tomorrow.  How you say, it's too far, yeah.  


Q.  Your next opponent, Makarova.  She's done well here four years in a row.  What are your thoughts on that matchup, another lefty? 

LI NA:  At least today I was play against a lefty so I can used to little bit serve because lefty is totally different than right hand, yeah.  

At least we can play cool day and then fight on the court.  


Q.  Have you changed your approach to challenges after that challenge against Radwanska at Wimbledon last year?  

LI NA:  Yeah.  I mean, now if I have chance, I always challenge.  Doesn't matter right or wrong.  If I was challenging in Wimbledon, maybe I win the set, so...  


Q.  Maybe you win the title? 

LI NA:  Yeah, maybe (smiling).  


Q.  Would you like there to be a challenge system in life in general so if your husband is late you could challenge him or if your coach is giving you a hard time you could challenge him?  Would you like a challenge system in life as a whole? 

LI NA:  No, I don't want to do that.  I only want to challenge on court.  Because I feel my coach, my husband, my physio, they doing fantastic job.  I don't want to challenge against them, no.  


Q.  There's a growing number of young people and children of a Chinese background in Australia taking up tennis.  They're saying you are their role model.  How do you feel about being a role model to them here? 

LI NA:  Oh, wow.  Now I feeling a lot of pressure, you know, because so many children, they look you up, what you do on the court, off the court.  So right now I really, how you say, play tennis for myself.  I cannot say bad word, otherwise the children will copy.  So many bad thing I cannot do (smiling).  

Even sometimes like we go to a party, we have a drink or something.  The next day they put in newspaper, She like drink or something.  But they didn't put the situation.  

So, yeah, after I was read the newspaper, I say, Okay, I cannot even drink when I'm in the party.  I say, Okay, only water, healthy.  



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