19 January - 1 February 2015
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Ashleigh Barty
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Q.  You must be disappointed, but you must have learned a lot from watching Serena out there, as well.
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  Yeah, I don't think 'disappointed' is the right word.  It was a fantastic experience for me.  I think Serena really showed why she's one of the greatest champions of all time.

I mean, it was an absolute pleasure to be out there and have the chance to play against her.


Q.  Did you get any messages from people who watched?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I haven't even started to go through them yet.  I'll probably leave that one till tomorrow morning.


Q.  What struck you about playing her the most?  Was it the power?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I mean, she's just such a great champion.  Just the presence she has on the court is unbelievable.

I mean, you really have to respect what she's done in her career.  She's such a nice girl, as well, which makes it even better.  I mean, it was just awesome to have the opportunity to play against her tonight.

I learned a few things.  It's going to be a really good experience for me moving forward.


Q.  Was it intimidating?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  No, I don't think so intimidating.  She just has that presence on court that makes you want to probably push that little bit harder, gives you a bit of pressure.

But, no, it was a good experience.  Yeah, I'm looking forward to watching the tape again and seeing what really happened.


Q.  Serves were coming through 190K.  How did you prepare for that?  Was that the most concerning part of playing Serena?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  Yeah, I don't think anything was really concerning about playing her.  It was more an opportunity.  We really embraced that.

I have a great hitting partner here in Melbourne, Daniel Burns.  He does such a fantastic job with me.  He was more than happy to help over the last couple of days in preparing.

I mean, Serena's got one of the greatest serves on tour.  I think that goes a long way to why she's No. 1 in the world and a great champion.


Q.  You mixed your shots up.  Was that the game plan?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I think that's my game.  I like to use variety and mix it up.  I had the intentions to go out there and continue to play my game, do the best that I can.

I think there's definitely areas that need improvement in my game.  I think that, I mean, Serena is someone we can all look up to, to what she's done in her career.

Yeah, it was a really good match.  A really positive match for me.


Q.  Could you see yourself on Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  That would be cool.  It's an absolute privilege playing out on Rod Laver Arena.  It's one of the greatest stadiums I ever played in.  A night session the first night of the Australian Open is pretty special.

Hopefully one day I'll be playing out there when I'm not playing the first seed in the first round.  But, yeah, I mean, it was unbelievable to be out there tonight.


Q.  What is your earliest memory of Serena?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I don't know actually.  I mean, I didn't really start watching tennis until 2008 or '09.  I mean, obviously a lot of pictures and things that I've seen.  But yeah, I mean, I didn't really watch tennis a lot growing up.  I don't really have memories of the more established players or the past players as well.


Q.  You were playing, just not watching?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  As a kid, I was just playing in the backyard, going to coaching once or twice a week for probably three or four years.  Yeah, I mean, I don't really have any interest in watching the sport.  I love to play it.  I spend enough time around the tennis courts.  I like to chill out and do a few different things.


Q.  Serena said she finds you appealing, she would like to see you do well.  Did she say anything to you?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I'd like to see myself doing well in the future as well.

After the match she said it was a great match, and I really can't wait to look back on it and watch the tape over and try to really learn a few things.

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