19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Luksika Kumkhum
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Q.  How do you feel after that match?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Like really exciting.  Really happy today that I doing good today, yeah.


Q.  Did you appreciate that the crowd were behind you and cheering you on?  Did that help?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Yeah, I think it help very much.  It's like supported.


Q.  Last year you made the main draw and won the first round here.  The Australian Open is one of the most successful tournaments for you.  What is the secret?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  I don't know.  I just love hard court.  I just put every match, I mean, like happy to play and, like, exciting every day.  Yeah, just do my best.  That's it.  Not a secret.


Q.  You have an unusual forehand.
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Two hand.  Yeah, right, started with my father.  I don't know how to explain, like, yeah.

I think is, yeah, sometimes like tough to like getting far ball.


Q.  There's not a lot of information about you on the WTA site.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself.  You come from Chantraburi?


Q.  It's near Cambodia?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  It's Thailand.


Q.  It's near the border?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Yeah.  Is little bit near, yeah.


Q.  Did you grow up playing tennis?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  I started four like with my father.  Start like that.  Then have a tournament in Thailand.  Start playing junior in like 13.  Then, yeah, turn pro like 19, yeah.


Q.  Did a lot of your friends growing up play tennis?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  No.  Just only me.  Not a lot.  I mean, like two or three.


Q.  Where do you live now?


Q.  Your idol was Tamarine Tanasugarn?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  We friend, different place.


Q.  When you were a kid, were you looking at her?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Yeah.  I give her the idol.


Q.  Was because of her or because of Paradorn Srichaphan that you like tennis or somebody else?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  First father, because my father play, like, for Thailand.  He start playing tennis.  Then, yeah, every day he coaching so I have to go with him, yeah.  That's why I play tennis.


Q.  Who were some of your other idols that you looked up to when you were younger?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Actually Tammy.  Only Tammy.


Q.  What is the necklace that you wear?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Is how to say, Buddhist.


Q.  It's for strength or for luck?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Just give like luck.


Q.  What did you know about Kvitova today?  Did you expect it could be a possible win or it was a dream?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  I just try like nothing to lose, just play the best, like do the best today.  That's it, yeah.


Q.  Did you begin to notice that she looked tired?  You looked very focused on the court.
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  No, I just think that she going to hit like really hard ball, really good serve.  Just be ready for the ball, yeah.


Q.  When you were leading up 5 3, you made two double faults.  Is that because you got nervous?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Yeah, little bit.  I don't know how to say, like your heart shake (smiling).  First time that I play No. 6.  Yeah, up 5 3.  Yeah, sometimes you scare a little bit.


Q.  Did the crowd surprise you?  They were very loud, supporting you.


Q.  Were you surprised?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Yeah.  Very surprised, yeah.


Q.  How well known are you in Thailand?  Do they stop you in the street?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Not really, no.


Q.  Today that may change?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  I hope so.  Maybe little bit.


Q.  Have you received calls from home?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Not yet.  Not look at the phone yet.  After this.


Q.  Can you tell us more about you and your family.  Do you have brothers and sisters?  Anybody playing tennis apart from your father?
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Only just my father.  My mom, only for fun.  Only that.


Q.  In Thailand there is a big tournament for men.  The women just Pattaya.  Did you play Pattaya?


Q.  What did you do there?


Q.  Yes.
LUKSIKA KUMKHUM:  Second round.

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