19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Ashleigh Barty
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Q.  I'm sure you've heard about Monday night on Rod Laver.  What a great opportunity for you.
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  Definitely.  That's the best way to put it as well.  Not every week do you get to go out and play against one of the greatest champions of all time.  I'm really excited for the challenge.


Q.  What do you think it will be like walking out on Monday?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I hope it's unreal.  Obviously I had a little bit of a taste of it in Brisbane a couple weeks ago.

Yeah, I mean, this is what we all train for in the pre season.  It's really exciting to have that opportunity first up.


Q.  Asking for any tips from Sam Stosur?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  No, I haven't spoken to Sam.  She was in Hobart this week.  I know me and Jase, my coach, will sit down.  It pretty clear how Serena likes to play.

I just have to go out there and enjoy it and do the best that I can.


Q.  Do you actually think you can win the match or is it more about enjoying the experience?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I think you have to go out believing you can win the match, otherwise there's no point walking out on the court really.

I'm going to do all that I can to try to win it.  Whatever happens happens.


Q.  What was the reaction of your family and friends when they found out?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  Yeah, straightaway I got a few messages from my closest family and friends.  They were just really excited.

As I said, not every day do you get the opportunity to play No. 1 in the world, one of the greatest champions of all time.

It's really exciting.  I'm sure they're all going to enjoy the match as much as I do.


Q.  How much better a player do you feel you are than 12 months ago?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  Yeah, every week and every month I'm improving.  I think that's really exciting.  Moving forward I'm just hoping I can have another successful year and hopefully get a few singles wins as well.


Q.  Do you think Serena has any kind of weakness you can exploit?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  We'll sit down with that probably tomorrow or Monday and have a good look at it.

Yeah, I mean, I'm just going to go out there and enjoy it.


Q.  Have you exceeded your own expectations in the last year or so?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I think so, yeah.  I mean, the doubles success I've had with Casey has been unbelievable.  To go 4 0 in Brisbane is pretty good.  Unfortunately, it didn't end the way I wanted it to.

Yeah, I think the pre season was really good for me as well.  I'm just really looking forward to this challenge.


Q.  What about your physical shape after the injury?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  Back to 100%.  From the medical advice we were given up in Brisbane, it's been perfect and spot on, which is great.

Yeah, body's all right and ready to go.


Q.  Serena said she'd appreciate if the crowd was cheering for you and not her and said she would be cheering for you herself if she wasn't playing.
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I haven't seen any press conferences or anything like that.  I've been steering clear of the papers a little bit.  I'll just go out and enjoy it and hopefully the crowd can get on my side.


Q.  You have an indigenous background.  Is that something that will go through your mind knowing the nation will be watching?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  I don't think it's different to any another athlete, especially an Australian athlete going out there.  Obviously it's a part of my heritage, something I'm very proud of.  It's not something that I think too much about before going out to play.


Q.  Will this match give you a sense of where your game is at?
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  First slam of the year is exciting as well.  First round is even better.  I think I just have to go out there and enjoy it.


Q.  You said you try to steer away from the papers, but you have been compared you to Martina Hingis.
ASHLEIGH BARTY:  That comment has been thrown around a lot the last two or three years.  To me, I don't really want to be compared to anybody.  I just want to play the best I can, create my own style of game.

Really when someone says that to me I kind of smile and say, Yeah, okay.  But I'm just trying to do the best that I can.

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