19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Na Li
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Q.  How was your off season and what did you do to recover from a very long and successful 2013?
LI NA:  Well, I have pretty good off season.  I was take three weeks totally off, yeah.

But still busy because first week I have to be for all sponsors, for seven days, and actually four days with my mom, and another one week vacation with husband, yeah.

After, two weeks in Germany for training and fitness, then back to Beijing working with Carlos until now.


Q.  Most players train in hot weather to get used to or prepare for Australia.  You usually train in cooler weather.  How are you dealing with the heat?
LI NA:  At least I was play first week in Shenzhen, so was much better at least have a round with 22 degree or 25 degree.  It's better I'm not going straightaway from Beijing to here.

Also after Shenzhen, I was come here straightaway.  I been here since Monday, so I have a couple more days to prepare for the hot weather.


Q.  Nadal is saying that the courts are much faster than usual.  How do you rate them?
LI NA:  The court?


Q.  Yes.
LI NA:  I was feeling like 15, 16, 17 was much fast than the show court.  The same thing like last year, yeah.


Q.  How do you see your relationship with this tournament?  How much do you like it?  Is there something special between you and this tournament?
LI NA:  I mean, I'm always doing well in here so really looking forward back to the Open.  This year at least I try not to falling down on court.  This is more important for me (smiling).


Q.  What are your goals now for this season?  How much do you look into the future?
LI NA:  At least I'm healthy.  At least I can play good tennis on the court.  I don't have to think about when I should be finish.  I really love the tennis life right now.  I just really want to enjoy it.


Q.  Given you're coming off such a great year, are you confident you can go one step further here this time?
LI NA:  Of course.  After I have a very good year last year, yeah, also in the winter training, I was bringing a lot for (indiscernible) and everything.  I'm wishing I can do really well, even better this year.


Q.  I know Carlos is always pushing you to try different things, come to the net, make changes in your game.
LI NA:  Yeah.


Q.  Did you work on those things in the off season?  Will we see some changes in your game this year?
LI NA:  I hopefully, yes.  I'm still listen what he say.  That's mean we still have very good communication, yeah.

When the winter training, just continue what I'm doing last year, more come to the net and play even more aggressive.  So we will see on the match.


Q.  Why does he say to you that you need to be more aggressive?
LI NA:  You know, getting old, need less time on the court (smiling).

No, I think he just want to   how you say   before I only try to stay on the baseline.  You on this tour so many years, everyone know exactly how you play.  Maybe he just want to change little bit to see more stronger on the court.


Q.  Last year your goal was to finish the season top three, and you did that.
LI NA:  Yeah.


Q.  Do you have something similar this season?
LI NA:  I really wish I can win another Grand Slam.  This is the goal for me.  Make it, for sure is happy.  If I didn't, this still is my goal.  I will keep going for that.

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