19 January - 1 February 2015
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.
Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.

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Na Li
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Q.  How is the ankle and how is the head?
LI NA:  Don't ask (laughter).
After the match, I was feeling like, How many years I didn't falling down in the court?  I mean, it was amazing today.  It was twice on the court even.  Maybe like 5% I was falling down again.  What are you doing on the court, like juniors.
I think the tournament doctor and physio, they doing good job.  Because after match I was back to the locker room.  They checked the hand; they checked the neck; yeah, also now was tape for the ankle just in case maybe I was feeling sore tomorrow.
So they check everything.  Should be okay.  Thanks.


Q.  How much did the falls affect you afterwards?  Did it affect your play?
LI NA:  How much what?


Q.  Did the falls affect you.
LI NA:  I mean, it's not too much, you know.  I   how you say   maybe just like five second I was feeling little bit.
But I think I was a little bit worried when I was falling down.  The head was touching the floor.  Because two second I couldn't really see anything.  It was totally black.
So when the physio come, she was like, Focus on my finger.  I was start laughing.  I was thinking, This is tennis court, not like hospital.  She was like, Follow my finger, because I didn't follow.  I just watch the eyes.  She says, Follow.  I say, Why?  I'm okay.
Yeah, but, I mean, just in case to check everything on the court.


Q.  The second fall was right after the fireworks.  Do you think having that break was a factor in you falling over again?
LI NA:  No, I don't think so.  For both players, the same.  Because both was rest like nine minutes, yeah, to wait for the firework finish, yeah.


Q.  Although you'll be disappointed now, you must be very satisfied with the two week campaign that you've had.
LI NA:  Yeah, of course a little bit sad when I lost to the final.  But if looking beginning of the year until now, I still have to proud for myself.
I mean, I really feeling I was back to the tennis court again, yeah.
So, yeah, wish have very good result for 2013.


Q.  Are you enjoying your tennis more at the moment than you were 12 months ago?
LI NA:  Yeah, of course.  At least today I falling down I still can laughing.  I was only one player can do that on the court when it was totally black.


Q.  Do you think without falling down you would have won today?
LI NA:  No, I mean, maybe if I'm not falling down, it's another story.  You never know.
But the truth, I was falling down, so nothing can change.


Q.  Did you feel like you were in a very good position at that time?
LI NA:  I mean, yeah, without falling down I was feeling pretty good (laughter).  Is very tough match, you know.  She's No. 1, defending champion.
So, yeah, I think today in like important games she was play better than me, so that's why she can win the title.


Q.  Didn't you feel like coming into the match, after beating Maria the way you did, if you played your best you could win?
LI NA:  Yeah, I mean, right now I really   how you say   enjoy the life, enjoy the tennis.  Also, I was feeling more relax, you know.
How you say, even today or even start of Grand Slam, I still feeling   how you say   not like stress on the court or before the match, yeah.


Q.  Could you feel the bulk of the stadium was behind you tonight?
LI NA:  Yeah, yeah.  I can hear a lot of Chinese fans, yeah.  Yeah, and also I can see them with the China national flag everywhere.  I was, Oh, looks like China Open (laughter).


Q.  Have you ever had a crowd that big in your favor before?  Have you felt that?
LI NA:  I think in China Open, yeah, I can feeling that.  But I think in Melbourne, I don't know, I think more and more.  Like maybe before not like this much, but I was worry about next year, you know.
So but it's good news for all the China player, so...


Q.  Does this loss hurt more than the 2011 final?
LI NA:  I mean   how do you say   same thing.  I lost the match.


Q.  It seemed like after the loss in 2011 you were a little more happy.  After this one, a few more tears.
LI NA:  Because I'm not falling down two years ago, right (laughter)?  It's different story.
So, of course, I was feeling   how do you say   I really feeling I wish I can win the title because this my favorite Grand Slam.  But the second time I was in the final, and twice I was lost the match.
So of course I was feeling a little bit sad.


Q.  Besides falling down those two times, were you happy or satisfied with the level of your play throughout the match?
LI NA:  After the match was sad because I lose the match.
But when I was cool down I was feeling happy about my tennis, because right now I still can play well on the court, so...


Q.  Were you happy with your play today in the match?
LI NA:  Yes.


Q.  After the match you made reference to your age.  How long do you think you can keep going on for?
LI NA:  When I think I couldn't play, I will stop.  Because, I mean, you never know.  At least you have to see    I mean, at least you have to have a healthy body, otherwise no chance you can whole year traveling like this or play on the court.
Maybe one day after wake up, I feeling, Oh, I'm tired.  I couldn't move anymore, I retire.


Q.  Why do you think you fell down?
LI NA:  Because I'm stupid (smiling).


Q.  There was a controversy in the semifinal between Sloane Stephens regarding medical timeouts.
LI NA:  Hey, this is real injury.  Everyone can saw that.


Q.  Was that going through your head a little bit?
LI NA:  C'mon.  I was real person, so don't try to do that.  Like before the match, I was like    because I was making joke for the physio.  I say, Oh, maybe I call you on the court.  She said, Don't do that.  When I sprain the ankle, she was coming, I say, Look, I call you, right?
For me, if I was really injured, I will call the physio.  If I not, I would never call the physio.


Q.  Have you had the chance to talk to Carlos?  If so, what has he said to you after the match?
LI NA:  Yeah, I mean, after the match I saw all the team, so...
Of course he was sad because lose the final, but he still see another positive thing, so yeah.


Q.  The last time you lost the Australian Open final you went on and won the French Open not long after.  Do you think you have the motivation to take this further and keep going from here?
LI NA:  I think last year Maria do the same.  She lose the final in here and she win the French.  Also one year Ivanovic was do the same.  So I don't know, maybe I wish I can doing the same this year, as well. 

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