19 January - 1 February 2015
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Put yourself on court with ReturnServe. From analysing returns on the court to measuring social sentiment. Data is a game changer. IBM.
Roger Federer

In our second bulletin of some slightly 'different' soundbites from Australian Open 2014, we give you some of the lighter moments from the men’s press conferences. Enjoy.

Rafa on watching the Australian Open from home last year
RAFAEL NADAL: I don't have Eurosport in my home (smiling), so was a tough situation to see.

Pat Rafter self-criticises
Q.  Did you go better than you thought?
PAT RAFTER:  I served better than I thought I would.  I volleyed okay.  Gee, I wish I returned a bit better than that.  And my second shot was just forget it, it was horrible.  It was actually laughable.  At a certain stage, I was just laughing.

Stanislas Wawrinka writes himself off before he’s started
Q.  So far what do you think is the missing link to win a tournament like this one?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  So far (laughter)?  I'm so far away.  Only one semifinal in the US Open last year in the last 10 years of my career.
I'm improving.  I'm really happy.  I finished last year in the top eight.  I feel I'm close from the top guys to beat them maybe once or to stay close from them.
But I'm not thinking I'm not winning a Grand Slam.  I'm too far away.  I'm trying to improve my game.  I'm trying to control what I can.  That's mean the practice.  That's mean my schedule, always to try to improve, to be a better player.  The rest we'll see. I know I can win more matches.  I know that I can play and beat the best players in the world.  But doesn't mean that I will do it.

Colin Fleming on the perils of an injury timeout in the heat
Q.  Been a bit hot lying on the surface.
COLIN FLEMING:  Yeah.  I said to the physio, It's literally boiling lying on this, so can you hurry up?  (Laughter.)  It was frying my body.

Roger Federer on the Wawrinka cheerleading squad
Q.  When you're watching Stan's matches, are you just watching it quietly or do you find yourself occasionally coming out with a, C'mon?
ROGER FEDERER:  How much can I say here?  I don't know.  I'm not sitting there all quiet, no.  At the end I was standing up, hands in the air like him.  That's what it was, you know.
When he wins big points, yeah, I guess you do fist pump.  I high five with Mirka.  So it was good fun last night.  We watched the entire fifth set together.  Before I was watching more by myself.  It was amazing.

It’s a good thing Stephane Robert answered his phone
Q.  How long before your first match did you learn that you were in the tournament?
STEPHANE ROBERT:  Yeah, they told me like 10 minutes before.
Q.  What were you doing?
STEPHANE ROBERT:  You know, I open a bank account in U.S. dollars and I was filling a paper for the ATP.  So when they call me, it's not I put this in the rubbish, but, you know, I put this straight in my bag and then I went to see the referee.
He told me, Okay, you're ready to play?  Court 7.  Go.  I see, I see my opponent, say, Okay, see you on court.  And we went and played (Laughter.)

Thanasi Kokkinakis enjoys his press conference
Q.  How exciting is it to be there and answer questions?
THANASI KOKKINAKIS:  Yeah, it's pretty cool.  My first time.  Thank you for asking questions, yeah (smiling).
Q.  One day you'll be fed up with this.
THANASI KOKKINAKIS:  I'm waiting for that day.  I need to get a bit better first.

Robert Lindstedt gets a little overwhelmed
ROBERT LINDSTEDT: I cried like a schoolboy, didn't I (smiling)? No, it means the world to me.  I even messed up the speech and everything.

It’s a quiet life for Pete Sampras
Q.  What are you doing nowadays?
PETE SAMPRAS:  Well, I got married, 13 years.  Two kids, 11 and 8.  They keep my energy up.  I play a little bit occasionally, a couple exhibitions here and there.  I still get in the gym.  I work out a touch.  I play a lot of golf.  Just enjoy my life at home.  Don't really travel too much.

Andy Murray compares his coach to...his girlfriend
ANDY MURRAY:  It's kind of like, yeah, I guess any relationship that you have.  If it's with a woman, you know, I would try to impress my girlfriend a lot more the first few months I was with her than I do now, I guess (smiling).  I guess that's natural.

Tomas Berdych knows what sport he plays
Q.  Looked like a football player from Argentina.
TOMAS BERDYCH:  But I'm not.  I'm still tennis player, and I'm happy for that.

Gilles Simon goes from crutch-bound to marathon man in three days
GILLES SIMON: You know, I just have a call to make.  I say, Okay, it's not easy that everybody saw me with the crutches.  If I just go and I'm ridiculous, I guess no one's going to talk good about me.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015
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